Tara Massicotte Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age

Tara Massicotte Wiki Bio
Tara Massicotte Wiki Bio

Tara Massicotte, better known as Tara Michelle, is a Canadian YouTube sensation whose captivating content has garnered her immense popularity. With a net worth estimated at $1.6 million, Tara has become a prominent figure in the digital realm.

Tara Massicotte Wiki

Tara Massicotte, born on January 5, 1995, in Toronto, Canada, has made a significant mark in the digital space as a renowned YouTube star, captivating audiences with her engaging content.

Full-Real NameTara Massicotte
Net Worth$1.6 million (estimated)
BirthdayJanuary 5, 1995
Age28 Years
BirthplaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionYouTube Star
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Tara Massicotte about Net worth

While Tara’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, estimates suggest an impressive $1.6 million. This financial success reflects her influence and prominence in the realm of YouTube and content creation.

Tara Massicotte Bio – Personal Information

Tara’s physical attributes include a height of 5 feet 4 inches, a weight of 55 kg, and striking dark brown hair and eyes. She pursued her education at the University of Toronto.

Height5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m)
Weight in kg55 kg
Weight in pounds121 lbs
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
SchoolInformation not available
CollegeUniversity of Toronto

Tara Massicotte Family and Relationships

Tara has kept details about her family relatively private. She is currently single and has been in a relationship with Taylor Baxter since 2016.

FatherInformation not available
MotherInformation not available
BrotherInformation not available
SisterInformation not available
Marital statusSingle
BoyfriendTaylor Baxter (2016-Present)
SiblingsInformation not available

Tara Massicotte Social Media Accounts

Tara’s online presence is prominent across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, where she connects with her audience through various platforms.


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Important Facts about Tara Massicotte

  • She holds a G1 license but doesn’t drive regularly, finding Uber more convenient in bustling LA.
  • Tara’s pet peeves include people on phones bumping into others, line-cutters, and overly attentive salespeople.
  • She became a YouTube beauty guru at the age of 11.
  • Known for her authenticity, Tara asserts that she remains the same person online and offline.
  • Despite being 23 at the time of writing, Tara exhibits practical, ambitious, wise, stubborn, moody, and shy traits associated with Capricorns.
  • Tara is not particularly sporty but engaged in skiing, soccer, and tennis during her childhood.
  • She is no longer a night owl and has transitioned into a morning person, preferring an 8-hour sleep cycle.
  • Tara, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, enjoys online shopping and has favorite stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.
  • The move to LA was prompted by a desire for a fresh start, with Tara having a deep-rooted dream of living in California.
  • Tara has a penchant for makeup, favoring brands like Tarte, Too Faced, Benefit, and Urban Decay.
  • She is dating Taylor Baxter, and while details about her family are limited, Tara expresses homesickness mainly for her dog.
  • Despite being away from home, Tara stays connected with her parents through daily FaceTime calls.
  • Tara’s content encompasses beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, resonating with a diverse audience.
  • Tara’s decision to forego college stemmed from a belief that not everyone needs a degree, and she can always return to school if necessary.


What is the net worth of Tara Massicotte?

Tara Massicotte net worth $1.6 million(Estimated).

What is Tara Massicotte’s age?

Tara Massicotte is 28 years old.

What is Tara Massicotte height?

Tara Massicotte is 5 Feet 4 Inches (163 cm) tall.

What is Tara Massicotte instagram account id?

Tara Massicotte instagram @imtaramichelle

Who is Tara Massicotte’s Boyfriend?

Taylor Baxter


Tara Massicotte, the effervescent YouTube star, has created a digital footprint that extends far beyond her Canadian roots. With an estimated net worth of $1.6 million, Tara has emerged as a leading content creator, captivating audiences with her genuine personality and diverse content.

From her early days as a beauty guru on YouTube to her current status as a lifestyle influencer, Tara has remained true to herself. The transparency she maintains, both online and offline, has endeared her to a broad audience seeking relatable and authentic digital personalities.

Despite the move to Los Angeles, Tara cherishes her Canadian identity and stays connected with her family, especially her beloved dog. The decision to forgo college reflects her belief in alternative paths to success, a stance that resonates with her followers.

Tara Massicotte’s journey, marked by creativity, authenticity, and a touch of Capricorn stubbornness, continues to evolve, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the dynamic world of digital content creation.

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